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About Us

Roots and History

The Bombastic StarLeague was brought into existence in 2013, when Polish Brood War player Dawid 'ZZZero' Pazdzior single-handedly organised two tournaments under the BSL name, held exclusively for the Polish community. The project went on hiatus until 2017, when the BSL returned as an international event, open to all competitors outside of South Korea.

Season in, season out, the BSL has seen steady growth in participation, viewership, community engagement, and prizing. Split into separate skill-based divisions, the BSL aims to promote player development on the foreign scene of StarCraft, catering to the needs of a diverse playerbase, as well as bring high quality entertainment to fans of the RTS genre.


Over the years, we've had the pleasure of running a number of BSL-sanctioned tournaments:

The format of the BSL has gone through sundry iterations, finally settling on a skill-based division split from season 5 onwards. We also run bonus ladder tournaments to help fill the downtime between rounds. Make sure to stay up-to-date with our schedule and look out for any BSL-related announcements on our social media!


The people behind the BSL:
ZZZero - the Chief.
HaN, Singerka - artists and designers.
Hatchet and LML - head administrators.


We'd love to hear from you:
Email: admin@bombasticstarleague.com, zzzero@bombasticstarleague.com
Discord: Bombastic StarLetague
Twitter: @BombasticStar
Facebook: BombasticStarLeague


The BSL wouldn't have got this far without the community's support. Special thanks to:
Casters: Nyoken, gypsy, ViR, ReY, Snipe, G5, RAPiD, Vincent, LMaster, eOnzErG, Bonyth, Ty2, WadeMaster, DocHoliday, Mazur.
Admins: awerti, Fujikura, AgGe, derkavich, Kebes.
Developers: radley, Lael, islanti, Vendethiel.
Animation artist: Boczek.
And, last but not least, YOU!