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Bombastic StarLeague 4

It's a tournament for everyone outside of Korea! Would you like to keep SC:R alive? Join the tournament!

How can I start playing?

It's very easy!

  1. Make your own SC:R account with BSL-Tag on any Gateway — For example BSL-ZZZero, BSL-Bonyth, BSL-Blackman, BSL-Draco etc
  2. Join the discord channel: https://discord.gg/X7S87gR and let us know what is your nickname in the tournament.

You can play on FN - just let us know your real nickname on discord.

Ladder starts: 13.01.2018
Ladder ends: 28.02.2018

Who will advance to the next stage?

Top 24 players from BSL-ladder will advance directly to the ProLeague.
4 spots will be taken from weekly Tournaments / Events for top players on ladder stage at current time [for example Top16 from 27.01 will play Tournament for the spot].
TOP4 from BSL-3 will advance to the BSL-4 ProLeague!

TOP 25 - 88 players from BSL-ladder will enter the ChoboLeague.
Admin of ChoboLeague will be [IE]TGN.

Maps and vetoes

Circuit Breakers
Blue Storm
Tau Cross

Ban system. Player higher ranking in BSL ladder starts to ban. Loser of the match can choose from all maps left.


Format Info
Click the image to view the format.

Prize Pool

BSL4 prizepool: 1000 $ will be distributed as follows:

Tournament rules

1. We understand that sometimes you can not be there on final date. In that circumstances contact us on discord and we will figure something out. If we'll allow you to play your match earlier you can not stream your match, you can not upload replay anywhere, and you can not show by your behavior what was the score.

2. We would apreciate If you would not stream your matches from ProLeague - with higher audience on main channel we might find some sponsor for Broodwar in the future.

3. Please be good manner, it should be fun.

4. Everyone should contact with eachother on Discord!

5. ZZZero is always right.