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Bombastic StarLeague 1


As a SC:BW patriot, I decided to organize a tournament on the basis of TSL, which may stimulate the Polish scene a bit and give us a lot of fun. Hope you have time to play a few games a week.

I created a team to join. Anyone wishing to play in the tournament must create a nickname with the BSL prefix. Everyone is obliged to play on it (e.g. BSL-ZZZero).

Start on February 2, 2013
End on February 25, 2013



Blue Storm
Tau Cross
Electric Circuit
Fighting Spirit
Dante's Peak

Prize Pool

BSL prizepool: 500 PLN will be distributed as follows:


If there are people who want to help with the organization, or have any idea to diversify the tournament, please contact me.

I think the rules are quite simple. Feel free to sign up and have fun.