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Bombastic StarLeague 17

Dear StarCraft lovers!

Get ready for the highly anticipated launch of Bombastic StarLeague Season 17! What started as a dream seventeen seasons ago has now evolved into the premier StarCraft tournament outside of South Korea, and we owe it all to your unwavering support.

At BSL, our mission has always been to nurture and grow the competitive StarCraft community beyond the borders of South Korea. We understand that players come from all skill levels, and that's why we offer four distinct divisions: the BSL ChoboLeague, BSL HasuLeague, BSL GosuLeague, and BSL ProLeague. No matter where you stand on the skill spectrum, there's a place for you in our league.

We owe our success to the dedication of our hard working crew and the support of the incredible StarCraft community. Together, we've created an environment where champions are born, rivalries ignite, and unforgettable moments unfold. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and let's make Bombastic StarLeague Season 17 one for the history books!

Join us on this journey as we continue to elevate the BSL to new heights, celebrating the spirit of competition and friendship in the world of StarCraft. Mark your calendars for Bombastic StarLeague Season 17, and let's embark on another incredible season together!


Of course it wouldn’t be possible for us to come back with another season without the support of our sponsors and generosity of you guys, our incredible StarCraft Remastered community!

Big thanks to all of you guys, for enabling us to have yet another season of Bombastic StarLeague! It wouldn’t be possible without your help and support!

But now hold onto your seats, because we prepared an incredible season for you!

BSL Season 17

Ladder stage starts TODAY (3.09.2023), it will end 28.09.2023 23:59 UTC. You can start playing now!

How do I sign up?


How do I qualify for each division?

Gosu, Hasu and Chobo Leagues formats
Click the image to see it in full size.

*We reserve the right to lower the amount of participants in BSL Gosu and Hasu leagues to 16 players each - depending on the amount of participation confirmations. Please remember to confirm participation on BSL Discord!

Continue improving your BSL17 Ladder placement even after being qualified - the player with the higher ladder placement will be given priority during map vetoes in Ro8 and forward.


GosuLeague and HasuLeague


Important notes:

BSL17 ProLeague Broadcast Schedule

BSL17 Schedule
Click the image to see it in full size.

Every game of BSL ProLeague will be casted on BSL’s Official Twitch Channel

RESTREAMING or STREAMING the EVENT without permission is NOT ALLOWED, our goal is to maximize viewers on the official BSL channels, as we’re trying to attract some sponsors.

Maps and Vetoes

BSL17 Mappool
Click the image to see it in full size.

Download BSL17 map pack

First maps for each round

Prize pool

Bombastic StarLeague Season 17 prize pool of $5,700 USD will be distributed as follows:
BSL17 ProLeague: $5,500
BSL17 GosuLeague: $200

The BSL17 Proleague
1st place - $2300
2nd place - $1300
3rd place - $700
4th place - $400
5th - 6th place - $200
7th - 8th place - $100
9th - 12th place - $50

The BSL17 Gosuleague
1st place - $125
2nd place - $50
3rd place - $25


Casters & Talents of BSL Season 17:

Producer, Observer & Organizer:

English Main Broadcast

BSL Official Channel


Spanish commentator

Russian commentator

Tournament rules

1. Everyone must join the BSL Official Discord channel
------> https://discord.gg/ST6ktnD ←------

2. Confirmation after ladder stage.
Every player who played in the BSL15 ladder stage, has to confirm their participation in the tournament on BSL Discord:
a) ProLeague - within 12 hours after ladder stage ends
b) GosuLeague, HasuLeague & ChoboLeague - within one week from ladder stage end

3. Qualification restriction
Players who have previously played in ProLeague (Seasons 11-16) can't qualify for Hasu and Chobo leagues. Players who have played in GosuLeague (Seasons 13-16) can't qualify for ChoboLeague. Players who weren't able to reach the needed MMR will have to skip this BSL Season.

4. The tournament is residency locked
The goal of the Bombastic StarLeague is to focus on the development of players outside of Korea. Therefore, only players that are living outside of South Korea can participate in this tournament

5. Smurfs
a) Everyone can add up to FIVE BSL-accounts on bombasticstarleague.com. Highest placed account will appear on the ranking. Using multiple accounts on the BSL website is not allowed. (You can add up to five in-game accounts under one BSL website account).If you want to merge your accounts, please contact admins on Discord. Penalty for breaking this rule is a BAN for the BSL Season. b) Sharing accounts is not allowed - one battle.net account can be used by one player only.

6. Race Picking
Upon confirming their participation, players need to declare race and matchups they play for the entire season.

7. Regular match rules
Players must be online and available on Battle.net channel Op BSL (Europe) 15 minutes before their scheduled match. Secondary channel of communication is the BSL Open Discord server - players have to be available on Discord during the matches.
15 minutes after scheduled time, if one of the players is not responding, his opponent may claim a technical win for one game.
15 minutes after that he can claim a win for the whole series.
It is not allowed to livestream your games or announce the result before they have been officially casted.

8. Playing matches before the schedule
Every match prior to the Elimination Stage can be played ahead of schedule if both players and admins agree.
Contact your opponent and set up the date to play. We strongly suggest using BSL Open Discord for this so admins can keep track of things.
On the selected day, play your match. Apply the same rules as for a regular match - use Op BSL and Discord to communicate.
If both players were unable to play on their selected date/time or weren't able to set one up, the match should be played at the official play date and time.

Both players must ensure that the replays are uploaded and available for the admins.

9. ShieldBattery
Any match can be played using ShieldBattery if both players and admins agree. For more info please visit the ShieldBattery website.

10. Latency
Default Turn Rate setting is DTR (Dynamic Turn Rate). If both players agree, the Turn Rate setting can be changed.

11. Disconnects
If one of the players gets disconnected from the game before the 2-minute mark, the game must be replayed. If one of the players had an advantage after the 2 minute mark, the decision is up to the admin.

12. Casting the game
Everyone should allow ZZZero or any other responsible person to join the game for broadcast.

13. Unsportsmanlike conduct
Any menace, insults, toxicity, bad manners, racism, homophobia, sexism and any kind of behavior which will be treated as offensive as well as unsportsmanlike conduct will be punished in BSL. If no mitigating circumstances are found, the penalty is the BAN from the BSL season.

14. Prize distribution
Winners of cash prizes are required to contact ZZZero on Discord to agree on the desired form of payment of the prize. Default payment form is via Paypal. Winners must also send Name + Surname and address. The cost of sending funds and commissions are covered by the recipient.

15. Personal Data
Anyone who is participating in the tournament agrees to the processing of their personal data, which they made available to the organizer or which are accessible publicly.

16. Additional info
Anyone who is participating in the tournament and is listed in the PEP, SDN or OFAC lists is obligated to contact the organizer.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone from the Staff on the Discord channel.

Help us spread the word

If you want to help us spread the news that BSL Season 17 started, feel free to use all the graphics here during your stream or on your social media. Thank you <3