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Bombastic StarLeague 12

Bombastic People, here we meet again, welcome!

First of all, we would like to thank eSport.Fund for stepping in and becoming BSL Sponsor yet again. They are truly amazing sponsors, whose main goal is to see the growth of StarCraft. They have supported BSL since Season 8, as well as plenty other SC:R tournaments like RCG. We can’t imagine how SC:R would look like today without their involvement. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you <3

Thanks to support of eSport.Fund, as well as our amazing community donations (Special thanks to Purepat and Crvt) and our great BSL Patreons (Special thanks to STRFKR, StRyKeR and GraiL), we are able to come back with a huge $6.500 prize pool! $5000 for the BSL12 ProLeague, $1000 for other tournaments and +$500 in BSL merch for all the leagues and tours. This season we also partnered with great LatAm supporter Mr. Terran Malo - some of you might not realize, but StarCraft community is tremendous in LatAm countries, and Mr. Terran Malo is sponsoring plenty of events for them, let’s all appreciate his support towards BSL!

Thanks to your support we will come back with $6500 prizes, accordingly:
1. BSL12 ProLeague ($5000 + BSL merch);
2. BSL12 GosuLeague ($300 + BSL merch);
3. BSL12 HasuLeague ($100 + BSL merch + coaching);
4. BSL12 ChoboLeague (BSL merch + coaching);
5. BSL12 Ladder Tournaments:
a) 3x open tours(300$ + BSL merch + ProLeage seed(!));
b) 2x chobo tours (SC:R copy or BSL merch);
c) 2x 2v2 tournaments ($300).

That's the perfect moment for all of you to go and thank our great sponsors!
Enough of this, let’s go and play some STARCRAFT.

How do I sign up?

Ladder stage starts TODAY, it will end on April 24th, 2021 at 23:59 UTC. You can start playing now!

  1. Create a new account using the BSL12- tag on any gateway BSL12-<YourNickName>, e.g.: BSL12-Hatchet, BSL12-TikiTaka, BSL12-ZZZero, ...
  2. Head over to: https://bombasticstarleague.com/
  3. Register on the site and add your in-game account to the rankings
  4. Launch StarCraft:Remastered and start laddering! The Ladder Stage commences on April 3rd and closes on April 24th at 23:59 UTC
  5. Adding or changing your BSL-account on a website will be prohibited during the last 72 hours of ladder stage. Please don’t add your account at the very last moment to avoid any confusion.

If you want to play a SMURF during a ladder stage, you must notify Admins about it. This information will remain among BSL admins until the end of the ladder phase. People who qualify on a smurf without notifying the administrators will be removed from the tournament.

How do I qualify for each division?

  1. The top 17 players from the Ladder Stage get seeded directly into BSL12 ProLeague [Required minimum 40 games]
    a) TOP1-17 BSL12 Ladder -> RO24
    b) TOP1 of 3x - Ladder Tours -> RO24 [min. 20 games reqired to play in ladder tours]
    c) TOP4 BSL11 Gosu -> BSL12 RO24
    b) TOP4 BSL11 Pro -> BSL12 RO16
  2. Players ranked #18 to #50 from the Ladder Stage get seeded into BSL12 GosuLeague [Required minimum 25 games]
  3. Players ranked #51 to #82 from the Ladder Stage get seeded into BSL12 HasuLeague [Required minimum 25 games]
  4. All remaining Ladder Stage participants who completed at least 25 ladder games get seeded into BSL12 ChoboLeague.

After ladder stage is done, confirm your participation on BSL Discord - we will open channel #confirm-participation.
Direct contact: ZZZero#1122 or Hatchet#3499

Continue improving your BSL ladder placement even after qualifying - the player with the higher ladder placement will be given priority during map vetoes in Ro8.

Ladder Tournaments

Ladder Tours - Open #1 - 11.04.2021 - 100$ + BSL12 Proleague Ro24 Spot
Ladder Tour - Open #2 - 18.04.2021 -100$ + BSL12 Proleague Ro24 Spot
Ladder Tours - Open #3 - 25.04.2021 - 100$ + BSL12 Proleague Ro24 Spot
Ladder Tour - Chobo #1 - 13.04.2021 - SC:R Copy or BSL merch
Ladder Tour - Chobo #2 - 22.04.2021 - SC:R Copy or BSL merch
BSL12: 2v2 Tournament #1 - 17.04.2021 - 150$
BSL12: 2v2 Tournament #2 - 24.04.2021 - 150$
Basic info about 2v2 tour: Open for everyone who played 20 games in BSL12 ladder stage, WB bo3, LB bo1





Same as previous season, newcomers of Choboleague will have an opportunity to have some coaching from the best Gosu and Pro League players. If you feel like you need some help in improving, this is the best league for you!

BSL Season 12 Format

Format Info
Click the image to see it in full size.

BSL12 ProLeague schedule

03.04.2021 - 24.04.2021 Ladder Stage
25.04.2021 - RO24 Group draw ceremony
30.04.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro32 Group 1 & 2
01.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro32 Group 3 & 4
02.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro32 Group 5 & 6
02.05.2021 - RO16 Group draw ceremony
08.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro16 Group 1
09.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro16 Group 2
15.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro16 Group 3
16.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro16 Group 4
22.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro8 Day 1
23.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro8 Day 2
29.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - Ro4
30.05.2021 - 18:30 CEST - 3rd place and Grand Finals

We reserve the right to change schedule if necessary.

Prize pool distribution

The BSL12 Proleague prize pool of $5,000

1st place - $2000 + RCG 2021 Ro16 + BSL13 RO24 seed*
2nd place -$1200 + RCG 2021 Ro16 + BSL13 RO24 seed*
3rd place - $650 + RCG 2021 Ro16 + BSL13 RO24 seed*
4th place - $350 + BSL13 RO24 seed*
5-8th place - $150
9th-12th place - $50

The BSL12 Gosuleague

1st place - 150$ + BSL13 RO24 seed*
2nd place - 100$ + 70 PTS in BSL13 Ladder*
3rd place - 50$ + 60 PTS in BSL13 Ladder*
4th place - 50 PTS in BSL13 Ladder*

* If BSL13 will happen

Map pool

Blue Storm
Power Bond
Tau Cross
Shakuras Temple

Download BSL12 map pack

First maps for each round

Ro24 Group Stage (bo1):
Game 1 & 2 - Polypoid
Winners Match - Power Bond
Losers match & Advancement match - Shakuras Temple
RO16 Group Stage (bo3):
Game 1 & 2 - Blue Storm
Winners Match - Tau Cross
Losers match & Advancement match - Blindside

Choosing second/third map rules: winner bans one map, loser choose map from remaining maps in the map pool.

Ro8 Bracket:

All matches during the bracket are Bo5. Grand Finals are Bo7. All vetoes and map picks need to be made before the matches. The player with the higher ladder stage ranking can decide if they want to veto first or second. The order for vetoes is AB ABABC for BO5 and ABABABC for BO7.

Example of vetoes for the BO5 match:
player A vetoes a map
player B vetoes a map
player A picks the first map
player B picks the second map
player A picks the third map
player B picks the fourth map
the remaining map will be played in the decider match
Once all vetoes and mappicks are done you can start the matches.

Tournament rules

1. Everyone must join the BSL Official Discord channel.

2. The tournament is residency locked
The goal of the Bombastic StarLeague is to focus on the development of players outside of Korea. Therefore, only players that are living outside of South Korea can participate in this tournament.

3. Racepicking
Upon confirming their participation, players need to declare race and matchups they play for the entire season.

4. Regular match rules
Players must be online and available on Battle.net channel Op BSL (Europe) 15 minutes before their scheduled match. Secondary channel of communication is BSL Discord server.
15 minutes after scheduled time, if one of the players not responding, his opponent may claim a technical win for one game.
15 minutes after that he can claim a win for the whole series.

5. Playing matches before the schedule
Every match prior to the Elimination Stage can be played ahead of schedule if both players and admins agree.
Contact your opponent and set up the date to play. We strongly suggest using BSL Discord for this so admins can keep track of things.
On the selected day, play your match. Apply the same rules as for a regular match - use Op BSL and Discord to communicate.
If both players were unable to play on their selected date/time or weren't able to set one up, match should be played as it was scheduled.
It is not allowed to livestream your games or announce the result if you are playing your match earlier.
Winner of the match must upload the replays to the admins.

6. Latency
Default Turn Rate setting is DTR. If both players agree, Turn Rate setting can be changed.

7. Disconnects
If one of the players gets disconnected from the game before the 90-seconds mark, the game must be replayed. If one of the players had an advantage after the 90-seconds, the decision is up to the admin.

8. Casting the game
Everyone should allow ZZZero or any other responsible person to join the game for broadcast.

9. Unsportsmanlike conduct
Any menace, insults, toxicity, bad manner, racism, homofobic, sexism and any kind of behavior which will be treated as offensive as well as unsportsmanlike conduct will be punished in BSL. If no mitigating circumstances are found, the penalty is the BAN from the BSL season.

10. Prize distribution
Winners of cash prizes are required to contact the organizer to agree on the desired form of payment of the prize. Contact should be via Discord. The cost of sending funds and commissions are covered by the recipient.

11. Personal data
Anyone who is participating in the tournament agree to the processing of their personal data, which they made available to the organizer or which are accessible publicly.

12. Additional info
Anyone who is participating in the tournament and is listed in the PEP, SDN or OFAC lists is obligated to contact the organizer.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone from the Staff on the Discord channel.